Pole Pixies at the 2018 PSO Gateway CompetitionKansas City's Pole Pixies

The Pole Pixies started as the brain child of Sierin and Paige, the original Pixies. Their goal was to grow a unified pole performance group in the greater Kansas City Area. Starting with their pole students, Sierin and Paige actively recruited other pole enthusiasts to join their efforts. As a result, the Pole Pixies made their first PSO (Pole Sport Organization) competition debut in 2018.

As the Pixies grew, Sierin and Paige quickly identified a new problem. The team needed a way to regularly practice and grow as performers. This lead to the creation of leveled pole classes from novice to pro. Whether you aspire to compete or simply want a new hobby, the Pole Pixies offer something for everyone.

The Pole Pixies' mission is to promote the continued growth and support of the pole community and to inspire others through creative and artistic performances in a variety of venues.